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We are proud to collaborate with a diverse array of brands that are at the forefront of PV panel technology. Behind each logo is a story rich in collaboration and shared visions for the future of solar energy. 
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 Anti-humidity&heat     Bifacial 
LONGI LR5-72HTDR 585-600W
Bifacial HPBC Cell | Module Efficiency: 23.2% | Size: 2278*1134*30mm | 36pcs per pallet
 Bifacial    Full Black    Module Area <2m2 
JA Solar JAM54D41 435-455/LB
N-type TOPCon Cell | Module Efficiency: 22.8% | Size: 1762*1134*30mm | 36pcs per pallet
 Tiger NEO     N-Type Bifacial 
JINKO 72HL4-BDV 580-590W
N-type Topcon Cell | Module Efficiency: 22.84% | Size: 2278*1134*30mm | 36pcs per pallet
Dual-Glass     High Temperature Restriction 
AIKO Solar AIKO-605-625A-MAH72Dw
N-type ABC Cell | Module Efficiency: 23.7% | 
Size: 2323*1134*30mm | 36pcs per pallet
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Sustainable Solar Solutions
We are committed to powering a sustainable future with our comprehensive range of solar energy systems. 
Our solutions encompass a variety of products including PV panels, solar inverters, PV connectors, and solar cables designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients.
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Our commitment is not only to provide you with top-tier solar products. Our goal is to provide you with more specialized knowledge and support. Now please follow the "Morego Solar Channel" to get the latest industry information, the latest product technology, interviews with industry experts, etc.
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    Environmental factors have long been a decisive factor in the actual power generation of solar power stations. To address common high-humidity weather such as rain and fog, and to reduce damage and corrosion to solar panels, LONGI has launched the Hi-mo X6 Anti Humidity & Heat module, significantly Read More
  • Advantages of Canadian Solar 585W TOPCon Bifacial Over PERC Bifacial 550W
    With the continuous development of the solar industry, TOPCon is replacing PERC as the new mainstream cell technology. For many solar plant owners, the performance of their power stations using the older generation PERC cells can no longer meet current product demands, making upgrading to new solar Read More
  • Price Cuts Across The Board! LONGi Accelerates The Intensification
    Last week, the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) launched an anti-dumping and countervailing duties (AD/CVD) investigation into solar cells imported from Southeast Asia, regardless of whether these cells are assembled into solar panels. This investigation is based on a petition filed in April by the Read More
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