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Comprehensive Analysis of Mainstream Cases! How To Choose Photovoltaic Carport Brands?

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With the rise in global temperatures, direct exposure to sunlight and increased UV radiation caused by ozone depletion can reduce the lifespan of vehicles. Ordinary outdoor parking lots not only appear disorderly, disrupting the overall urban aesthetics, but also fail to address the problem of vehicle damage due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Photovoltaic carports, capable of effectively absorbing high-intensity sunlight and UV rays for electricity generation, while also possessing waterproof and pressure-resistant properties like ordinary carports, have attracted widespread attention.

However, many solar carport designs on the market are too simplistic, leading to concerns about structural integrity after construction completion and inability to achieve expected electricity generation.

In the realm of photovoltaic carports, which brand of solar panels performs the best? What design solutions are suitable for different architectural scenarios? These questions continue to perplex potential consumers.

In terms of component types, there are two main categories of solar panels used in photovoltaic carports. One type can be installed on existing ordinary outdoor carports, commonly seen in corporate parks and government public utility parking lots. The other type integrates Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) technology into new, more aesthetically pleasing and atmospheric structures, albeit at a higher cost.

For existing carports, one can opt for large-brand bifacial solar panels. It's important to note that such products must meet standards such as IP or UL waterproof ratings. Common ratings include IP67 and IP68, indicating the ability of the module to operate under specific pressures (water depths of 1m to 3m) for a short duration.

In terms of construction methods, carports can be categorized into single-space and double-space types. Depending on the type of columns used, they can be further subdivided into six main categories. Additionally, there are various types of brackets such as V-shaped and cantilevered. The structural materials commonly used include concrete, aluminum, and steel.

solar panel carport

Due to the uniqueness of each carport, specific design solutions usually require customization. Let's take a look at how authoritative solar brands address different types of carports.

Jinko Solar Intelligent Charging and Storage Integrated Parking Lot

This features a 500kW large-scale double-car space single-column BIPV charging and storage integrated carport, using N-type Tiger Neo double-sided double-glass modules and BIPV curtain wall series products. These solar panels have a double-sided efficiency of up to about 80%, a 10% increase compared to PERC double-sided efficiency, with an estimated annual electricity generation of 520,000 kWh.

pv carport

FUTURASUN Electric Vehicle Solar Carport

Covered with 160 x 330 Wp FU330M NEXT monocrystalline solar panels provided by the Italian company FuturaSun. The overall photovoltaic area is 296 square meters, with a project capacity of 53.3 kWp and an annual electricity generation of 63 MWh.

pv system carport

LONGI Commercial Distributed Carport

Using LONGi Hi-MO 4 LR4-72HBD-440M modules, with a maximum conversion efficiency of 21.7%. This series of products performed excellently in evaluations by third-party institutions RETC and PVEL. The project is located at the Genkiyoshida Trading Chiba Central Factory in Japan, adopting a single-car space double-column design with a capacity of 0.3MW.

solar system carport

In addition, LONGi has also launched the "Longxing" series modular photovoltaic carport solutions, using LONGi double-glass double-sided photovoltaic modules with added waterproof treatment.

solar panels carport

Trina Solar Commercial Distributed Carport

Trina Solar provided photovoltaic modules for a 6.5MW solar project at seven Walmart stores in California, including various solar systems installed on rooftops and parking lot carports. They use frameless double-glass modules, with electricity generation equivalent to the average energy consumption of 1,000 households.

solar mounting system carport

(Images sourced from: SolSystems)

CITIC Securities BIPV Carport

A typical single-column single-car space design, featuring customized double-glass double-sided BIPV solar modules for an aesthetically pleasing and leak-proof design.

pv system carports

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