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Advantages of Canadian Solar 585W TOPCon Bifacial Over PERC Bifacial 550W

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With the continuous development of the solar industry, TOPCon is replacing PERC as the new mainstream cell technology.

For many solar plant owners, the performance of their power stations using the older generation PERC cells can no longer meet current product demands, making upgrading to new solar panels a popular choice.

Among these, many owners who originally used PERC bifacial 550W solar panels are opting to replace them with Canadian Solar's TOPCon bifacial 585W (TOPBiHiKu6). What are the reasons behind this choice? Let’s examine some comparative data.

Higher Power Output

While N-type cells using TOPCon technology significantly improve the efficiency limit compared to PERC cells, in practical operation, solar panels that can maintain higher output power at different operating temperatures are more favored.

Figure 2. Influence of module temperature on its power output

The following diagram compares ordinary PERC solar panels with Canadian Solar's TOPCon modules. After exceeding 30°C, the operating power of PERC is noticeably more affected, resulting in greater power loss.

Figure 5. Bifaciality of PERC and TOPCon modules

Better Performance

Test data indicates that the performance of 182 TOPCon modules is superior to PERC modules. For example, in Damp Heat (DH) testing, 182 TOPCon bifacial modules showed less than 1% power degradation after DH2000 testing, significantly lower than the 5% required by IEC standards after DH1000.

Table 2.Comparison oflEC Standard and cSl standard

Canadian Solar optimized the UV resistance of cells through proper light injection combined with annealing and anti-reflection design. They also developed a cell-level UV assessment method for daily monitoring. After UV irradiation of 60kWh/㎡, TOPCon cells showed about 0.2% less degradation compared to PERC cells.

Figure 7.Reliability test results of PERC and TOPCon modules

Longer Warranty

Common PERC cells typically offer a linear performance warranty not exceeding 85% after 30 years, while the TOPBiHiKu6 series guarantees a performance efficiency of no less than 87.4% after 30 years.

Figure 8. Lifetime power output of TOPCon and PERC modules

Below is a set of empirical data comparisons:

Table 3. Parameters used in system performance simulation

Simulation results demonstrated that the energy yield of 182 TOPCon modules would be approximately 2.3% higher than that of PERC modules over a 30-year lifespan.

Figure 9. Comparison ofenergy yield between PERC and TOPCon bifacial modules

Lower Costs

Due to the higher power output of 182 TOPCon bifacial modules, fewer modules are required for a similar DC capacity. Consequently, other costs such as installation and racks are also reduced.

Table 4.Comparison of BOs cost between PERC and TOPCon modules

Based on the above simulation, CSI Solar found that the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) for systems using PERC bifacial modules would be around $28.2/MWh, while the LCOE for systems using 182 Plus TOPCon bifacial modules would be about $27.4/MWh, approximately 2.8% lower compared to the PERC case.

Figure10.LCOE comparison between systems with TOPCon and PERC bifacial modules


The switch to Canadian Solar's 585W TOPCon bifacial modules from 550W PERC bifacial modules is driven by higher power output, better performance, longer warranty, and lower overall costs, making TOPCon a compelling choice for solar plant owners looking to upgrade their systems.

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