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The Latest! Best Selling Solar Panel Efficiency Ranking!

Views: 2000     Author: Rachel     Publish Time: 04-17-2024      Origin: company official website、TaiyangNews

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Recently, TaiyangNews released the March 2024 Global Photovoltaic Module Efficiency Ranking. This ranking covers 57 module products from 33 companies worldwide, revealing the current technological trends in the solar industry.


1. BC Modules Lead Global Photovoltaic Module Efficiency


In this ranking, BC modules stood out with high efficiency, becoming the outstanding products among the global bestselling modules. This is mainly due to the efficiency difference between N-type and P-type cells, with ABC modules slightly outperforming HPBC modules. Additionally, AIKO modules maintained their top position in electricity generation efficiency, demonstrating their strong technological capabilities.


2. Intense Competition between HJT and TOPCon Technologies


HJT and TOPCon technologies are closely matched in terms of efficiency, leading to intense competition. Among the top ten, only TW Solar has products utilizing both of these technologies, with electricity generation efficiency consistently ranking at the top. This undoubtedly proves TW Solar's leading position in photovoltaic technology research and development.


3. PERC Modules Gradually Falling Behind, TOPCon Modules Rising


Although PERC modules have a large presence in the market, accounting for 43.9% of the listed models, it is evident from the ranking that PERC module efficiency is lagging behind the times. In contrast, TOPCon modules, accounting for as high as 62.5%, have emerged as the new mainstream in the current photovoltaic market.

solar panel efficiency ranking

(Source: TaiyangNews)


Photovoltaic module technology is advancing rapidly, and the improvement in efficiency represents progress for the industry. In this ranking, TOPCon modules have replaced PERC modules as the market favorite due to their high-efficiency electricity generation performance.


In the future, with the continuous development of photovoltaic technology, we have reason to believe that solar energy generation efficiency will continue to increase, providing consumers with more convenient and environmentally friendly energy solutions.


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