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Strategy! Checklist for Construction and Configuration of Small to Medium-Sized Photovoltaic Power Stations

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As one of the key strategic means for global energy transformation, the construction of solar photovoltaic power stations has attracted attention. Let's see how to choose products, design construction plans, and so on.

Confirm Installation Capacity

Currently, the installed capacity per square meter is about 100W, mainly influenced by the size and power of solar panels. For example, with the same 72-cell type and the same area, more 2278*1134mm solar panels can be accommodated, and the total power of the power station will also increase accordingly.

Select Solar System

There are three main types of solar systems: on grid, off grid, and hybrid. On grid systems can sell surplus electricity to the grid, generating more electricity revenue. Off grid systems are mainly for self-use by owners to meet daily work and life needs. Hybrid solar systems require additional design of energy storage battery systems.

solar panel system Configuration

Design Configuration Plan

After confirming the above information, you can design specific configuration plans. The following is a recent checklist for a 330kW small to medium-sized residential solar system:


These are the main configuration contents of ordinary on grid photovoltaic systems. Generally, based on the monthly electricity bill, calculate the required electricity consumption, and then choose solar panels with different power according to specific needs. After determining the most critical product models, you can further select matching facilities such as inverters and brackets with the best compatibility.

These are the most popular and cost-effective solar panel products on the current market:

Moregosolar Best-selling Solar Panel Models
Brand Series Model Power(W) Type
LONGI Hi-mo 6 LR5-72HTH-M 585 Mono
LR5-72HTHF-M 590 Anti-Dust
LRS-54HTB-M 435 Full Black
JinKo Solar TigerNeo JKMM-72HL4-V 590 Mono-facial
JKMN-54HL4R-B 440 Full Black
Canadian Solar TOPBiHiKu 7 CS7N TB-AG 700 Bifacial
TOPBiHiKu 6 CS6W TB-AG 585 Bifacial
JA Solar DeepBlue4.0 JAM54D41-LB 440 Bifacial, Full Black

If you want to get the latest solar panel price list, please fell free to contact us now. And you can visit this page for more models.

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