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About Jinko Solar Co., Ltd.

Jinko was listed in both A-share market and NASDAQ with the market capitalization of 20 billion US dollars.
The sales amount of Jinko modules ranks 2nd globally in 2022, the quantity of Jinko modules sold overseas is the largest compared with other solar modules manufacturers.
The major business of Jinko is to produce solar cells, solar modules, and PV system.
Nanjing Moge New Energy Co., Ltd has been duly authorized to sell Jinko products for 3 years. 
And Moregosolar has ranked first in terms of the sales amount of Jinko solar panel in 2022. We promise all Jinko products are from official channels and with high quality.
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Jinko solar Official Authorized Certificate, Moregosolar
Official Authorized Certificate
MOREGO is Jinko Solar's authorized distributor, We have cooperated for more than 3 years
Complete Certificate
Product Qualification, TUV, CE, FR Report, Pre-shipment Inspection Report
1. We are honored as the best authorized distributor of Jinko every year; 2. Our cooperation at the exhibition; 3. We can load containers directly at the Jinko factory


Factory Delivery
Load directly from manufacturers warehouse
Inspection Service
Accept the third party inspections
Trade Assurance
Alibaba orders can protect your payment and delivery
One-stop purchasing for solar panel, inverter, battery, accessories


With deep product knowledge and a rich supply chain, we offer our customers a diverse range of solar solutions.
We received the bulk products, they are consistent with our contract and the photos that Moregosolar sent me before loading. It is a great deal!
One-Stop PV platform helps me save the time costing of searching different suppliers, and the charge costing of combining the different shipments as well. The each components are in high performance. Moregosolar, a great choice for installers.
Moregosolar can always provide me with valuable Chinese market information and product recommendations, and sometimes, they are willing to recommend me more effective shipping lines, it brings me a lot of benefits.
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Company:Nanjing Moge New Energy Co., Ltd. 

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Phone:+86 181 1880 9916