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About Canadian Solar Inverter

1. Headquartering in Suzhou, China, CSIQ was listed in both A-share market and NASDAQ market, with the market capitalization of 20 billion US dollars.
2. Canadian Solar inverters has a R&D history of more than 6 years. Equip Canadian Solar modules with Canadian Solar inverters to get higher power generation capability.
3. The major business of Canadian Solar Inverter is to produce solar inverters, hybrid inverters, energy-storage batteries, and PV system.
4. The main types Canadian Solar manufactures include 5kW, 8kW, 10kW hybrid inverters, and 10kW, 50kW, 100kW, 110kW, 136kW, 225kW and 320kW on-grid inverters.
Nanjing Moge New Energy Co., Ltd has obtained Canadian Solar inverter global first-level distributor authorization.
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Canadian Solar Inverter Core Advantages

1. Solar Panels and Inverter Manufacturer
Canadian Solar is the only manufacturer in the world that produces both solar panels and inverters. This gives them a keen insight into the future trends of solar modules and allows them to schedule the development of inverters in advance, thus gaining opportunities for research and development, manufacturing, testing and demonstration.
2.  Powerful brand influence
US + China dual-listed company, with a market value of 30 billion US dollars
U.S. listed company (stock code: CSIQ market capitalization)
China Listed companies (stock code: market capitalization)
3. A reliable global service network 
ensures a complete after-sales warranty
4. Core components insist 
to choose world famous brand

Canadian Solar Inverter Excellent Projects

Excellent performance during tests in diffent industry, project capacity and countries


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MOREGO is Canadian Solar's authorized distributor, We have cooperated for more than 7 years
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