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9 Tips about the selection and transportation of solar energy systems

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FAQ of Solar System

Q1: What type of solar system is more suitable for me?

A1: For solar system, we also 3 types: on grid, off grid and hybrid. You can check below to see which type will be better for you.

For on grid solar system, it is like below diagram. The excess energy will feed into Grid and no battery connection.

on grid solar panel system Diagram

For off grid solar system, it is like below diagram. It will not be connected to the grid, but with battery storage.


For hybrid solar system, it is like below diagram. It will be connected to the grid and battery both.


Q2: How large power of solar system should I need to install?

A2: You can check your monthly electricity bill and then we can calculate your daily electricity consumption. With this information, we will design a suitable solar system for you.

Q3: Can you provide mounting frame for the installation of solar panel?

A3: Yes, sure. We will customize the mounting system design for you. For different roofs or ground, we will give different suggestion. Below are some examples:

solar mounting system

Mounting System Design for Metal roof

solar energy system design

Mounting System Design for flat concrete roof

156pcs solar panels

Mounting System Design for soil land

Q4: Can you provide full set of solar system, including all accessories?

A4: Yes, we can provide solar panel, inverter, battery, mounting frame, combiner box, PV cable, PV connector.

For solar panel, we are the authorized distributor of LONGi, JA Solar, Canadian Solar, Jinko Solar.

solar panel in stock

For the inverter and battery, we can provide Growatt and Deye for choices.

solar inverter in stock

Here are some accessories pictures we shipped before.

solar accessories

Q5: How is the warranty of the solar panel, inverter and battery?

A5: For solar panel, different models will have different warranty. Now it is at least 12 years for product, 25 years for linear power. Some will be 15 years for products, 30 years for linear power. For the inverter, usually it is 5 years warranty. For the battery, usually it is 10 years warranty.

Q6: How can I monitor the electricity generation of my solar system?

A6: For Growatt or Deye inverter, they both support monitoring in your phone and laptop. With the installation manual, you will be guided how to do monitoring.

Q7: Do you have the certificates for the solar panel, inverter and battery, which conform to my country regulation?

A7: Yes. At the beginning, we will just recommend you the suitable models which conform to my country standard and regulation. And we will also provide the necessary certificates with you.

Q8: Can you provide the electrical connection design for my solar system?

A8: Yes, we can provide to help with the installation of your solar system. Below are some examples:

6000W Hybrid Solar Power System Diagram

10KW 48V Off Grid Solar Power System Diagram24KW Hybrid Solar Power System Diagram

Q9: Can you arrange shipping for my order?

A9: Yes. Usually we will arrange shipping to your destination port. Here I want to remind if you order the solar system with battery, we may suggest shipping separately because lithium battery belongs to dangerous goods. The shipping rate and destination port charge for dangerous goods will be higher than general goods. Or we ship them together from Hongkong, which will allow better destination port charge. Anyway, we will calculate different shipping options and suggest the best for you.

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