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Stop! These Solar Panels and Inverters Cannot be Interconnected

Views: 3121     Author: Rachel     Publish Time: 05-14-2024      Origin: Web

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In the construction and operation of solar photovoltaic power plants, we aim to select the most cost-effective and high-quality products at every stage. But did you know? Not all solar panels and inverters can be paired with each other. Casual pairing can result in loss of power generation and even pose safety hazards.

So, which solar panels and inverters cannot be connected together? Morego has listed three common scenarios to help you avoid risks.

Different Quantities

When there are arrays of solar panels with the same brand and model but different quantities in one power station, they cannot be connected to the same MPPT of the inverter.

Due to the series connection of two groups of solar panel arrays, when connected to the same MPPT, they are in a parallel state. Therefore, arrays with different quantities generate different amounts of electricity and have different voltages. The group with a higher voltage will charge the other group, leading to irreversible damage to the group with lower voltage, resulting in irreparable losses.

two groups of solar panel arrays

Different Models

If the quantities are the same, arrays of different models cannot be connected to the same MPPT of the inverter.

When some solar modules in a series-connected array of solar panels need replacement due to damage, it is advisable to choose products of the same brand and model as much as possible. If identical replacements are unavailable, alternatives with similar parameters such as power and plug type can be used. However, compared to the original array, the power generation of the replacement array is almost always affected, and the greater the parameter difference, the greater the impact.

power generation

Different Orientations

It is worth noting that the "tilt angle" often mentioned in power station design cannot be arbitrarily changed. Even if the quantities and models are the same, solar panels with different tilts, orientations (north-facing vs. south-facing) cannot be connected to the same MPPT.

tilt angle

It is evident that the same quantity, model, and orientation are important criteria for determining whether solar panels and inverters can be interconnected. Differences in these three aspects often affect the voltage of the solar panel array, leading to uncontrolled power generation and compromised safety. If you need more detailed and secure pairing solutions, you can also contact us.

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