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4 tips for installing Bifacial Solar Panels

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As we all know, bifacial solar panels can not only use the reflected light from the surface of the direct sunlight, but also the emitted light of scattered light. According to the power generation principle of bifacial solar panels, we make suggestions for the power station design of bifacial solar panels:

1. The power generation gain of the bifacial solar panels can be roughly judged according to the reflectivity of the landmark.

Emissivity: Sand/Concrete > Land > Grass > Water.

Water Surface:  5% to 12%

Grassland:  15% to 25%

Dry Land:  20% to 23%

Cement Floor:  20% to 40%

Yellow Sand:  20% to 40%

Snow:  80% to 85%


2. Avoid direct blocking of the back of the module by the purlins of the bracket, otherwise it is recommended that the bracket be at least 5cm away from the back of the module

3. Try to avoid close-up blocking of the back of the module by the combiner box/string inverter/cable.

4. When bifacial solar modules are installed at the optimal inclination of flat roofs, more than 15% power generation gain can be obtained by painting or laying high-reflectivity waterproofing membranes.

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