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This Solar Panel Can Increase Revenue by 87,254$?

Views: 4356     Author: Rachel     Publish Time: 05-23-2024      Origin: company official website

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Environmental factors have long been a decisive factor in the actual power generation of solar power stations. To address common high-humidity weather such as rain and fog, and to reduce damage and corrosion to solar panels, LONGI has launched the Hi-mo X6 Anti Humidity & Heat module, significantly increasing the return on investment for power stations.

High Returns

Currently, most solar panels have a linear degradation rate of about 0.4%, while the Hi-mo X6 Anti Humidity & Heat can reduce this to 0.35%. This means an annual power generation gain of 0.05%, and every penny saved is a penny earned. For a 1MW power station, this alone can earn an additional 436$ per year.

1% first year power degradation

In humid and hot environments, compared to conventional bifacial double-glass TOPCon solar panels, the Hi-mo X6 Anti Humidity & Heat has an annual average loss of only 45%. This equates to generating 700,000 more kWh per year than ordinary solar panels. Assuming a local electricity price of 0.06$/Wh, over a 30-year lifespan, this amounts to an additional 4,363$ in revenue, or about 1,496$ more per year.

Environmentally Durable|Ensuring Long-Term Stable Returns

In terms of temperature coefficient, traditional TOPCon solar panels have a temperature coefficient of -0.29%/°C, while the Hi-mo X6 Anti Humidity & Heat reduces this to -0.28%/°C. This means that for every 1°C change outside of 25°C, the operating power will decrease 0.01% less. This seemingly minor improvement translates to an additional 312$ per year for a 1MW power station.

Temperature Coefficient of Pmax

These three aspects alone provide an additional annual income of 2,244$. Furthermore, the LONGI TaiRay silicon wafers used in this solar panel are thicker than conventional wafers, increasing bending strength by 16%, reducing the risk of microcracks, and enhancing revenue. The improved low-light absorption capability also extends the effective power generation time of the Hi-mo X6 Anti Humidity & Heat each day.

The lower the irradiation intensitythe more pronounced the power generation advantage

Comprehensive calculations show that a 1MW solar power station equipped with Hi-mo X6 Anti Humidity & Heat modules can earn an additional 2,244$ to 2,992$ per year. Over 30 years, this amounts to an increased revenue of 67,310$ to 89,746$.

Good Materials

Why does the LONGI Hi-mo X6 Anti Humidity & Heat achieve such high gains? This is due to LONGI's three major technological improvements.

Firstly, LONGI adopts a high moisture-resistant encapsulation solution, reducing crystal spacing and using double-glass isolation to block moisture invasion from all directions.

Dual glass package

Secondly, traditional EVA encapsulants decompose into corrosive acetic acid under prolonged moisture exposure, damaging the solar panel's glass and grid lines. LONGI uses POE encapsulants with higher chemical stability, minimizing EVA content. Additionally, a more refined lamination process is employed, enhancing moisture resistance by 30%.


Lastly, since lead ions in grid lines are most susceptible to acetic acid corrosion, LONGI reduces the lead content to 1/6 that of ordinary TOPCon solar panels, greatly lowering the chance of chemical reactions in humid and hot environments.

HPBCs lead content in the customized

With these advantages, the LONGI Hi-mo X6 Anti Humidity & Heat solar panel naturally operates more stably, providing a higher return on investment over its 30-year lifespan. If your project location experiences frequent rain and fog with high humidity, this solar panel is certainly an excellent choice.

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