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Why are 66 Cell Solar Panels Recognized As "Golden Size"?

Views: 2000     Author: Rachel     Publish Time: 04-08-2024      Origin: company official website

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Since the standardization of solar panel sizes last year, the 66-cell solar panel have become the industry-recognized "Golden Ratio". Why are leading enterprises vigorously promoting the 66 cell solar module? What are the benefits of this format for the buyers?

According to various companies, the 66-cell solar panel is designed for higher-power 210R-sized cells. Not only can it maximize the current global module power limit, but it can also effectively reduce the cost of the industry chain, improve production efficiency, and bring good customer value in applications such as commercial and ground-mounted solar installations.

In terms of product performance, taking Trina Solar's 66-cell 605W+ solar module as an example, with its optimized size design and low voltage advantages, it can accommodate 6-12 more modules per tracking bracket compared to the industry-standard N-type 72-cell modules. This can save at least 5.6% of the bracket cost per MW, maximizing the utilization of tracking brackets and effectively reducing BOS costs.

210mm 182mm solar panel

high power solar panel

Moreover, transportation costs are also a key consideration for both enterprises and buyers. The 66-cell solar panels have achieved a "top grid" design that maximizes utilization container space, its space utilization rate reaches to 98.5% after excluding necessary operational space. It is currently the highest container space utilization rate among medium-sized module sizes.

66-cell solar panel 600w

Furthermore, with manufacturers including JA Solar, Jinko Solar, Trina Solar, TW Solar, etc., successively launching key products like DeepBlue4.0, Tiger Neo, Vertex, etc., the N-type 66-cell solar panels, along with complementary products in the solar industry chain such as inverters, junction boxes, glass, back-sheet, and tracking brackets, have become more abundant. Users can select the most suitable products for maximizing electricity generation benefits based on their specific situations, without being limited to special sizes.

As the industry evolves, large sizes, high currents, and long strings have become inevitable trends, and the 66-cell solar panel evidently has greater advantages in the current stage with a larger industry chain.

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