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Conversion Efficiency and Price Comparison of TOPCon, HPBC, HJT and PERC

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To continuously enhance the output power of each solar panel, various solar panel technologies have flourished worldwide. Particularly in the selection of solar cell types, after long-term market verification, solar panel products using four types of cells, namely TOPCon, HPBC, HJT, and PERC, are the most popular.

Market share of different types of solar cells

This article will compare the efficiency and prices of the main solar panel products of different cell types one by one.

PERC efficiency

PERC: 24.2%

BC cell efficiency

BC: 25.7%-26.5%

N-type TOPCON efficiency

TOPCon: 26.89%

HJT solar cell efficiency

HJT: 26.81%

The latest transaction prices for each type of solar panel are as follows:

solar panel price list

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