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off grid solar power system
off grid solar system

| Full Range of Solar Products

We provide solar panel, inverter, battery, and PV connectors from global top brands, ensuring high quality and stability. With a comprehensive and high-quality product line, we can meet the diverse needs of different customers, whether it is for household users or commercial clients, and provide them with suitable product combinations.
Solar Panel
Brand: Longi solar, Canadian solar, Jinko Solar, JA solar, etc.
Power: 400-445W, 450-460W, 550-590W
Warranty: 12 years/25 years
Certificate: CE, TUV, IEC...
Solar Inverter
Inverter type: Off-grid
Brand: Growatt, Canadian Solar inverter, etc.
Power: 5-10kW
Warranty: 5/10 years
GEL Solar Battery
1. The battery has wide temperature range from low to high.
2. Deep discharge battery can still be connected to the load. Charging within four weeks does not impair the performance of the battery. The nominal capacity of the battery will soon be restored after charging, it will not affect the battery life.
3. Low specific gravity of acid has relatively low corrosion of the plate itself.
Solar Mounting System
Magnesium-aluminum-zinc mounting system, anti-corrosion and beautiful
1.2 times loading coefficient to make it more solider and durable
Modular design to let installation more convenient
Modular design for Cement roof, inclined roof
Solar Accessories
Original Staubli cable coupler MC4 or MC4-EVO2
Solar Cable 4mm2, 6mm2
Distribution box, Combiner Box
Full set of high quality solar accessories

| Professional Technical Support

Professional Integrated Design Solutions: Our team can provide comprehensive technical support, ensuring that customers receive professional guidance during use.
Customized Design Support: We provide personalized system design solutions based on different customer needs and site conditions, maximizing the performance of the solar system.

| Reliable After-sales Service

Solid Warranty: Our products come with a comprehensive warranty system, ensuring that customers receive sufficient protection during use.
Troubleshooting Guidance: When customers encounter problems, our team can respond quickly. 
Maintenance Training: We provide regular maintenance training to help customers better maintain and use the solar system, extending its service life.

| Wholesale Prices

Leveraging our robust supply network, we enjoy price advantages as a first-tier distributor from various factories, enabling us to offer more competitive product quotes to customers.

| Customer Reviews

With 10 years of experience in the photovoltaic industry, we have accumulated rich professional knowledge and valuable user feedback.
Our products benefit from a guarantee on all parts of the installed equipment.

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