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Do you want to know the stability of the solar system? This is normal, and our job is to reassure you!
Because you have the right to expect the most assured products and the best service, we want to ensure the reliability of what we offer:
When purchasing off-grid solar system, Make sure it's big enough to power the things you want and has enough capacity to power the household appliances you need every day.
Second, to choose high-quality products, to ensure the use of safety, stability, and durable.
Solar Panel
Brand: Longi solar, Canadian solar, Jinko Solar, JA solar, etc.
Power: 400-445W, 450-460W, 550-590W
Warranty: 12 years/25 years
Certificate: CE, TUV, IEC...
Solar Inverter
Inverter type: Off-grid
Brand: Growatt, Canadian Solar inverter, etc.
Power: 5-10kW
Warranty: 5/10 years
GEL Solar Battery
1. The battery has wide temperature range from low to high.
2. Deep discharge battery can still be connected to the load. Charging within four weeks does not impair the performance of the battery. The nominal capacity of the battery will soon be restored after charging, it will not affect the battery life.
3. Low specific gravity of acid has relatively low corrosion of the plate itself.
Solar Mounting System
Magnesium-aluminum-zinc mounting system, anti-corrosion and beautiful
1.2 times loading coefficient to make it more solider and durable
Modular design to let installation more convenient
Modular design for Cement roof, inclined roof
Solar Accessories
Original Staubli cable coupler MC4 or MC4-EVO2
Solar Cable 4mm2, 6mm2
Distribution box, Combiner Box
Full set of high quality solar accessories
How does Off-grid Solar Power System work?
Step 1: Solar Panels covert sunlight to energy
Step 2: Solar Inverter converts from DC to AC electricity
Step 3: Solar Battery Store solar energy electric (GEL Battery or Lithium Battery)
Step 4: Solar Battery routes energy electric to home appliances
Off grid solar system encourage off-the-grid living, a lifestyle centered around energy independence and self-sustainabilit. With off grid solar power system, you can first use that electricity to charge your storage battery. When you’re using electricity after the sun’s gone down, you can draw from your battery instead of from the electric grid. As a result, many of these systems can be used in more isolated regions where access to power is difficult.
MOREGOSOLAR relies on a comprehensive and high-quality supplier network. Our selection criteria? Outstanding!
Over the years, we have been able to build trusting relationships with all of our partners, which allows us to offer our customers the best products on the market while remaining competitive.
​​​​​​​                                                    Multiple Solar Brands and Multiple Years of Authorization
9 years of Longi distributor /
8 years of JA Solar distributor
4 years of Trina distributor
5 years of Growatt distributor
7 years of Staubli MC4...

Rest Assured & More Affordable
Moregosolar focuses on R&D, producing and sales of solar panel and solar energy system, We are self-operated in import and export, with annual sales over 5GW, and the annual system sales exceed 10,000 sets. Our products benefit from a guarantee on all parts of the installed equipment.
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