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Experience since 2013

Nanjing Moge New Energy Co., Ltd. founded in 2013, located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, with 3 branches in Shenzhen, Jinhua and Suzhou, is committed to providing users with high quality photovoltaic products and services. Over the past 10 years, Moge has maintained growth in the industry in terms of product sales, market coverage and services.

Business Scope

We focus on providing a diversified range of solar products, including branded solar panels, OEM solar panel, solar system solution, solar inverter, solar mounting system, solar energy storage systems and solar accessories.

Core Advantage


Many years cooperation with the multi-brands accumulated a good market credit and user reputation. Customer’s trust is our most valuable asset.


Quick respond to customer demand, provide more reasonable brand and model selection, to ensure that you can get the best quality solar products.


With robust market insight, we aid you in timely purchase decisions, offering stable supplies amidst price fluctuations to ease their financial burden.


Multi-brand, full-model inventory to ensure faster delivery. As well as excellent export experience, we can also help customers get more competitive freight through our cooperated logistics.


Professional Photovoltaic engineers. 7*24 hours after-sales service. We also provide a convenient online platform that enables customers to easily browse, inquire, use third-party guarantees to place orders, and track delivery status in time which helps to improve customer experience and transaction efficiency.


Comply with international and local trade regulations, establish a sound compliance management system to ensure the compliance of trade activities. Strictly control product quality, provide relevant quality certification and test report.

Global Market Insights

We continue to monitor industry developments, policy changes and technological innovations, providing our customers with the latest solar technology reports and solutions to help them develop strategies and procurement plans to help them maintain leading position in market competition.

Service Hotline

Phone: 0086 181 1880 9916