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Why is 1722 X 1134mm 54-cell Solar Panel So Popular?

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Since 2021, with the release of the M10 series standardized solutions by the three major enterprises Longi, JA, and Jinko, the mainstream status of the 182-cell has been thoroughly established. Coupled with factors from application scenarios and market demand, the 54-cell and 72-cell formats have become the two largest shipment volumes.

Benefiting from the standardized size of solar panels, the industrial chain supporting products including inverters and brackets in this series offer a particularly rich selection of models. Additionally, bundled purchases also offer competitive advantages in pricing.

Subsequently, influenced by the global energy crisis, there has been an explosion in demand in the European market, with residential scenarios becoming the largest market segment locally.

According to a phase report from the research firm Rystad Energy last year, as of the end of October 2023, the scale of photovoltaic systems installed in Europe has already matched the total installed capacity of 41.4GW for the entire year of 2022, with an expected total installed capacity exceeding 58GW for 2023.

Estimates solar PV annual installations

From this chart, it's evident that residential installations dominate the European solar market. Among them, Germany and Poland have the highest demand for residential installations.

It's worth noting that according to the “Digitalising the energy system – EU Action Plan“, the European market still has a huge space for future installed capacity.

The plan estimates that from 2020 to 2030, the EU will need to invest €584 billion in the grid sector. By 2027, install solar panels on all commercial and public building roofs in the EU region.

At the same time, due to the use of the same-level M10 solar cells, compared to the 72-cell solar panel (2278mm*1134mm) which is more suitable for large-scale applications such as industrial and commercial, 54-cell solar panel is not only as good as the large format in terms of power generation performance, but also attracts more attention in terms of flexibility and aesthetics.

Moreover, in terms of transportation costs, taking the JA Solar Deep Blue 4.0 series solar panels as an example, the container space utilization of the 54-cell format is higher, and the number of panels that can be transported in the same space is much higher than other sizes. Therefore, the transportation cost is lower, making the price more affordable for buyers.

solar panel sizesolar panel dimensions

The market is determined by demand. The 54 solar cell solar panel is popular due to its significant increase in demand and ample space for growth.

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