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What is the "New Technology" for AIKO Solar Cell Panel ?

Views: 3000     Author: Rachel     Publish Time: 04-19-2024      Origin: company official website

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In the current competitive market environment, standing out from the plethora of solar panel products is crucial to establishing an unbeatable position. To achieve this, one must offer something that others cannot.

How does AIKO's module product manage to secure its place at the top of the global power generation efficiency rankings? What is new about its technology?

High Power

In the three main sizes of solar panels, compared to the common N/PBC, AIKO's ABC products of the same size adopt the N+BC technology route, with an efficiency gain ranging from 4.2% to 7.4%, resulting in a power increase of 25W to 45W.

solar panel size

Where does this additional power generation come from?

In fact, this power was originally yours. However, in the traditional way of connecting solar panels in series, all components were amalgamated into one entity. AIKO allows all components to form a big family and each can generate stable power. When one photovoltaic panel malfunctions, it does not affect the overall system's power generation.

ABC and N-type solar panel

AIKO's pursuit of high power is consistent. When asked, "What is the ultimate technology for solar panels?" AIKO's chairman, Chen Gang, stated, "We firmly believe it is the N-type ABC technology that leads in power and maximizes product value. We are determined to continuously develop new technologies and products. This era must be the era where power is king."

High Returns

Apart from industry responsibility, one of the main purposes for companies pursuing high power is to bring more significant returns to all parties involved.

Taking a 1MW commercial solar power station as an example, if 2278*1134mm sized solar panels are chosen, the project will require approximately 1710pcs panels. As mentioned earlier, AIKO's solar panels of this size increase power output by 25W each. Thus, the total installed capacity of a single 1MW project is about 1.04MW.

Assuming the local cost per watt is 2.5 CNY with a profit margin of 20%, the total project cost for the installer increases by one hundred thousand yuan, resulting in an additional profit of 20,000 CNY.

For the owner, it's easier to understand. With the electricity price remaining unchanged at ¥0.5 CNY per kilowatt-hour, as the project capacity increases, the annual income also increases by ¥20,000 CNY

Even if the initial cost is ¥100,000 CNY higher, it can be recovered within five years. In the remaining at least 20 years, the owner can earn at least an additional ¥400,000 CNY compared to other owners. If the local electricity price is higher, the investment payback will be faster.

solar power station yield


Of course, while striving to increase returns, solar panel safety must be taken seriously, as it concerns not only property but also lives.

Unlike large ground-based solar power stations located in open areas, solar panels installed on rooftops are subject to obstruction from leaves and other debris. If not cleared in time, there is a risk of short circuits in the system. This can result in a loss of at least one-third of power generation, or in severe cases, the solar panels can overheat and become unusable due to high temperatures.

Taking this into consideration, AIKO uses copper electrodes and has developed a unique high-temperature suppression function. When one solar cell fails to function properly, the system converts its function into that of a normal conductor, allowing the current to flow smoothly. This reduces the loss of power generation and also lowers the operating temperature by at least 40°C.

solar panel temperature

The solar energy industry has transitioned from P-type to N-type. The maximum efficiency of N-type is 29.56%. How to achieve this efficiency in solar panel power generation is a question that AIKO has been considering and putting into practice.

ABC is AIKO's answer to the market.

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