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About Aiko Solar Co., Ltd.

Headquartering in Shanghai, Aiko was listed in A-share market with the market capitalization of 10 billion US dollars.
As of now, Aiko has ranked second in terms of the sales amount of cells globally and its original ABC cell technology is prevailing worldwide which makes the power generation efficiency of its modules the highest in the world.
The major business of Aiko is to produce solar cells, solar modules, and PV system.
The main products of Aiko are composed of Black Hole, White Hole Mono-facial, and Black Hole, White Hole Bi-facial series.
The main types Aiko manufactures include mono-facial solar module 460W-600W, and bifacial solar module 460W-600W. 
Nanjing Moge New Energy Co., Ltd as a new distributor duly authorized to sell Aiko products is committed to mutual development with Aiko in 2023.
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Aiko Solar Panels

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