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Why N-type TOPCon Single-glass Solar Panel Is So Less In The Market?

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Do you know why is so hard to see single-glass TOPCon solar modules in the market?

There are two reasons, let me explain to you one by one.

First is Electrochemical Corrosion. The aluminiumpaste in the front of the TOPCon cells is very sensitive to water vapor and acid, and is prone to electrochemical corrosion.

Electrochemical Corrosion

Second is the waterproof preference. Single-glass module, the front side is glass and back side is backsheet. The waterproof preference of the backsheet is not good. The EVA film in the middle will hydrolyze when exposed to water and easily form acetic acid. Therefore, single-glass TOPCon module currently perform poorly in the OH1000 Humidity Thermal Test and PID Electronic Degradation Test.

solar panel backsheet waterproof preference

If the actual operating environment is high temperature and high humidity, there is no good solution to solve this problem now. Therefore, N-type TOPCon technology will be more used on double glass module instead of single-glass to avoid power degradation and the expected profit loss.

You also watch this video on our Youtube Channel. Our expert Vicky says 2 tips and the last reason is very important for you.

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