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How about using solar panels more than 30 years?

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The First Photovoltaic Power Station was Born

In 1983, Yuzhong County, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, Yuanzicha Township, which is one of the poorest villages in China, and China's first photovoltaic power station was born there.

The solar power station which was made and donated by Kyocera Of Japan. It was installed by Gansu Institute of Natural Energy with a total installed capacity of 10KW.

At that time, the 10KW solar power system station met the electricity consumption of the whole village, 36 households and 2 fluorescent lamps per household!



In the late 1980s, with the rapid development of China's economy. Electricity could be delivered to this small village smoothly and the solar energy systems was gradually forgotten by everyone.

Even the solar panels of the solar energy system have been removed by villagers, or the entire solar panels have been smashed. And leaving aluminum frames as photo frames.

After being informed of this situation by experts from Gansu Energy Research Institute, they negotiated with the local government and villagers. Finally, paid back this only left about 7KW solar power system.

Greater Value

In 2020, this photovoltaic power station is 37 years old.

To everyone's surprise, now, it still has 6.4 kw of power left, and it's still generating power! For all intents and purposes, the institute has incorporated the electricity it generates into the National grid.

Let's take a look its attenuation, this is the data of solar panels sampling after 29 years of operation:

Photovoltaic Module sampling Results After 29 Years of Using
Manufactruer Factory: Kyocera of Japan
Solar Panel

Peak Voltage

Peak Current

Peak Power

No. Decline%
1 16.43 2.28 37.5 16.8
2 16.26 2.41 39.2 12.9
3 16.15 2.24 36.2 19.6
4 16.4 2.34 38.4
Average 16.3 2.3 37.8 16

According to the data, its power decreased by 16% on average over 29 years of use, and the most severely weakened solar panels were less than 20%.


As you can see, the photovoltaic power station has became yellow, but that doesn't stop it from continuing to generate electricity.


Now that our photovoltaic technology is more mature, how can the power of solar energy systems be worse than before?

These example over 30 years ago which proves fully that solar energy system can be used for more than 25 years.

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