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What Is The Difference Between TOPCon, HPBC, HJT, PERC?

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The differences between TOPCON, HPBC, HJT, and PERC PV Module mainly lie in Solar cell technology, conversion efficiency, process complexity, and cost.

1. Solar Cell technology:

TOPCON is a Solar cell technology based on N-type silicon wafers. It utilizes a thin tunnel oxide layer and highly doped polycrystalline silicon film in the metal electrode contact region to form a passivated contact structure, thereby improving power generation efficiency.

HPBC is an independently developed cell technology based on N-type silicon wafers by Longi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. It adopts high-temperature processes and has a relatively high conversion efficiency.

HJT is a heterojunction solar cell that mainly involves changing the positive N-type crystalline silicon layer to amorphous silicon and using N-type silicon wafers and amorphous silicon to form a PN junction, reducing recombination losses at the PN junction.

PERC is emitter passivation and back contact cell that uses oxide local passivation technology to increase the limit efficiency to around 23%.

2. Conversion Efficiency:

The theoretical limit of TOPCON is relatively high and has significant room for improvement. 

Currently, the conversion efficiency of TOPCON has reached around 25%.

The conversion efficiency of HPBC is over 25%.

The conversion efficiency of HJT is slightly higher than that of PERC batteries, up to 24.5%.

The conversion efficiency of PERC is generally around 23%.

3. Process complexity:

The process flow of TOPCON is three steps more than PERC, with a total of 12 processes.

The process flow of HPBC is similar to that of PERC but includes high-temperature processes.

The process flow of HJT  is relatively simple with only seven processes.

4. Cost:

Due to the complex process and difficulty in mass production, the cost of TOPCON is similar to that of PERC.

HPBC has a relatively low cost mainly benefiting from its high-temperature processes and mature production processes.

The cost of HJT is relatively high due to its low-temperature processes and high equipment requirements.

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