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Bifacial Solar Panel Market Trends And Performance Factors

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According to CPIA, in 2022, the market share of bifacial solar panels reached 40.4%, propelled by downstream applications recognizing the enhanced electricity generation of double-sided modules.

Both the front and back sides of bifacial solar panels can generate electricity, with the back side's photovoltaic conversion efficiency ranging from 60% to 90% of the front side. The additional gain in electricity generation on the back side, attributed to the scattered radiation from the surrounding environment, results in approximately 5%-30% higher electricity output compared to single-sided panels.

It is anticipated that by 2024, bifacial solar panels will surpass single-sided modules to become the mainstream in the market.

As the industry transitions towards N-type and larger sizes. In terms of bifacial performance, N-type modules achieve a bifacial rate of around 80%, while P-type modules reach approximately 70%. Assuming a backside irradiance intensity of 100-150W/m2, the difference in bifacial rate of 10% translates to a gain in electricity generation for N-type solar panel ranging from 1%-1.5%. Depending on different ground environments (with reflectance rates between 20%-30%) and considering factors such as array height, front and rear row spacing, and backside shading during installation, the electricity generation gain for N-type modules ranges from 0.8%-1.2%.

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