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Comparison of Various BIPV Technologies, Which Is The Strongest?

Views: 1000     Author: Rachel     Publish Time: 03-22-2024      Origin: official corporate website、ENERGY THEORY

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As the globalization of photovoltaics continues growing, using clean energy to build solar power plants has become a popular choice in many countries. Compared to install solar panels on existing buildings, the BIPV solar panels ( building integrated photovoltaics ) is emerging.

Currently, the BIPV market is in its infancy, and the market space is vast. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) Global Building Tracking Report, in 2021, the operation of buildings consumed 30% of the world's final energy consumption. If the global economy continues to grow at current trends, building-related greenhouse gas emissions are expected to exceed 15 billion tons by 2030. With the goal of carbon neutrality and carbon peaking, the improvement of building’s energy efficiency will promote the development of the BIPV market.

According to Wikipedia, including China and some countries and regions in Europe and the United States, the current global major PV markets have introduced various BIPV support policies and subsidies. The details are as follows:

buildina-intearated photovoltaics

(Image source: wikipedia)

Photovoltaic building integration has become a global trend, many global well-known photovoltaic enterprises have begun to layout for a long time. Only in the field of solar panels, there are many companies that have developed large-scale BIPV projects.


First of all, in China, which is the world's No. 1 exporter of PV modules, almost all of the PV companies you know are involved.

Chinas leading enterprise in the BlPV industry

(Source: official corporate website)

All over the world, the top 10 international building-integrated photovoltaic manufacturers have already occupied a place.

Internationally Recognized Companies in the BlPV industry


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