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The price of solar panels in a certain area surged fourfold, with off-grid systems becoming a "lifeline"!

Views: 2000     Author: Rachel     Publish Time: 04-28-2024      Origin: CSIS, euronews

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Over the past year, as manufacturing techniques continue to improve and production capacity is rapidly released, the global price of solar panels has stabilized from around 0.25usd per watt to below 0.14usd per watt.

However, there is a region in the world where the component prices have not decreased, but instead surged nearly 400% against the trend. That region is the Gaza Strip.

Affected by the international situatio, the local energy infrastructure has been destroyed, and various large-scale power plants with ambitious targets are almost non-existent. With the supply chain of fuels like oil cut off, the only available power generation equipment for the people of Gaza are small off-grid solar systems.

Local engineers state that in order to counteract the impact of power outages and shortages, many people in Gaza have voluntarily installed off-grid solar systems that can provide stable self-use. According to his estimate, at least one-third of Gaza's population and over 50% of merchants are using photovoltaics.

Density of Rooftop SolarSystems

(Source: CSIS)

According to a report released by CSIS in November 2023, the number of solar systems in the Gaza Strip has reached approximately 12,445. In satellite images taken by CSIS in May 2022, there are at least 655 rooftop solar systems per square mile area.

These remaining power stations are almost the entire source of electricity for the people of Gaza. A solar-powered well can even emergency supply water to at least 1000 local residents. Solar systems have clearly become the "lifeline" of the Gaza Strip.

According to a report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC, currently, in the Gaza Strip, the price of 535W solar panels was around $192 before the war, but has now soared to around $657, nearly quadrupling.

People who have solar panels now offer charge

(Source: euronews)

According to incomplete statistics, the Gaza Strip currently mainly uses 72-cell, approximately 580W long-line solar panels. Due to the prevalence of small off-grid systems, the solar panel brands and models chosen by each household vary, mainly including the following:

Jinko Tiger NEO Solar Panel
Tiger Neo JKM N-72HL4-V(N) 570-590M

N-type Mono-facial Solar Panel 580W 585W 590W

Tiger Neo JKM N-72HL4-BDV(N) 570-590M N-type Bi-facial Solar Panel 580W 585W 590W
Longi Solar Panel
Hi-MO X6 LR5-72HTH 565-585M HPBC Mono-facial Solar Panel 580W 585W
Hi-MO X6 LR5-72HTD 560-585M HPBC Bi-facial Solar Panel 580W 585W
Hi-MO X6 LR5-72HTH 570-600M HPBC Mono-facial Solar Panel 590W 595W 600W
Hi-MO X6 LR5-72HTDR 570-600M Anti-humidity & heat,Bifacial 580W 585W 590W
Hi-MO 7 LR5-72HGD 560-590M N-Type HPDC, Bifacial 580W 585W 590W

The phenomenon of skyrocketing solar panel prices in the Gaza Strip once again highlights the importance of renewable energy in extreme situations.

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