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Canadian Solar

CSI solar Technologies Inc. was listed in both A-share market and NASDAQ market, with the market capitalization of 15 billion US dollars.
The sales amount of Canadian Solar modules ranks fifth globally in 2022 and also Canadian Solar is a solar technology company owns the most PV power plants worldwide. 
The major business of CanadianSolar is to produce solar cells, solar panels, and PV system. 
Nanjing Moge New Energy Co., Ltd has been in cooperation for with Canadian solar for 7 years and obtained its GLOBAL FIRST-LEVEL distributor authorization.
We promise all CanadianSolar products are from official channels.
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Official Authorized Certificate
MOREGO is Canadian Solar's authorized distributor, We have cooperated for more than 7 years
Canadian solar certificate
Complete Certificate
Product Qualification, TUV, CE, FR Report, Pre-shipment Inspection Report
1. Our Managing Directo Mr. Michael and the founder of Canadian Solar Mr. Qu at Canadian Solar IPO reciprocal banquet; 
2. We can load containers directly at the Canadian solar factory


With deep product knowledge and a rich supply chain, we offer our customers a diverse range of solar solutions.

Canadian Solar Panels

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