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24.4%?! The Efficiency of BC Solar Panels May Break Records Again

Views: 4379     Author: Rachel     Publish Time: 04-29-2024      Origin: company official website

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Recently, a preview version of the data sheet for LONGi's new solar panel product is leaked. According to the document, the efficiency of this solar panel can reach 24.4%, for a 72-cell large panel with power ranging between 625-660W.


From these scattered pieces of information, it is evident that the characteristics of the Hi-MO 9 series include high efficiency and low attenuation bifacial solar panels. Therefore, the target application scenario for this series of solar panels should be large-scale centralized power stations worldwide.

Additionally, the 0.35% attenuation rate is also noteworthy. By comparison, the linear attenuation rate of most solar panel products currently on the market is typically around 0.40%, with only a few achieving 0.35%.

solar panel efficiency


From an industry-wide perspective, this is the first solar panel product that may surpass the efficiency and performance of AIKO's ABC solar panels, which have held the top spot with 24% efficiency for several months.

Moreover, it utilizes BC cell technology.

According to industry insiders, LONGi announced in September last year that it would establish a new 12GW high-efficiency monocrystalline cell project. This project will adopt HPBC pro technology, achieving a cell efficiency of 25.8%. The product being discussed may be based on LONGi's previously mentioned HPBC pro technology.

LONGi's Chairman publicly stated on March 21 that they would soon launch the next generation of HPBC cells based on champion technology, surpassing TOPCon technology on the market by 5%. It's highly likely that he was referring to this product.

If the information is accurate, the upcoming "Hi-mo9" will be a "major bombshell".

It will not only pose a new challenge to mainstream TOPCon products but also directly threaten the PERC solar panel market with a maximum efficiency of only 24.5%. The competitiveness of LONGi BC solar panels will undoubtedly take another step forward.

The solar panel market in 2024 may shift from a situation dominated solely by TOPCon technology to a scenario where TOPCon and BC compete on equal footing.

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