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Solar Panel Prices Hit Rock Bottom, Expected to Rise in the Second Half of the Year

Views: 0     Author: Rachel     Publish Time: 05-09-2024      Origin: company official website

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Currently, the global transaction prices of solar panels have reached historic lows. According to EnergyTrend data, as of May 8th, mainstream solar panel prices have fallen below 1 yuan per watt.

solar panel price

However, addressing the speculations and concerns of the industry, on May 7th, several leading solar energy companies stated that the overall prices of the photovoltaic industry chain have reached their lowest point, and the profitability of the entire industry chain is under pressure. From a cost perspective, the probability of continued irrational decline in solar panels is extremely low, and hot-selling models will further adjust their production and sales strategies.

2024 solar panel price trends

According to feedback from manufacturers and distributors, first-tier component manufacturers are not willing to sell components at a loss. Many well-known brands have begun to control shipment volumes, and competitive hot-selling solar panels will no longer be rushed to market. Industry expectations are that solar panel prices will continue to fluctuate in the first half of the year, and prices will begin to return to a reasonable profit range after June.

For traders and installers importing solar panels from China, now is the best time to purchase. Chinese solar panels departing from ports typically require 1-2 months of sea transportation. Purchasing at historically low prices now and selling at higher prices after arrival in the second half of the year can yield significant profits.

Below are the most popular solar panel products compiled by Morego:

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