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Our wholesale solar energy supply service only provides the best from the best in the world of renewable energy equipment manufacturing. This ensures a rapid return on investment and peace of mind for you and your customers.

2020 Photovoltaic Module 
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Moregosolar is the largest official authorized distributor of branded solar panels in China, providing authentic solar panels of multiple brands and has won many awards.
Moregosolar insists on providing every customer with the best products and the best prices with the best service.
Advantage 01:
Save Communication Costs
When you want to purchase multiple models and brands of photovoltaic products at the same time or want to purchase a complete set of solar systems at once, look for Moregosolar. Moregosolar can perform multi-brand, multi-model, multi-price comparison at the same time, helping you reduce more time and labor costs.
Advantage 02:
Own Factory Bargaining Power
Non-mass procurement, no bargaining power with brand factories, no advantage in purchasing prices. Purchasing through Moge, you can own the factory price regardless of the size of the purchase.
Advantage 03:
Reduce Trade Risk
Purchasing directly from the factory, once there is a problem in the factory, it will cause the overall supply chain to be out of touch, which will have a serious impact on the business.
Purchasing through Moregosolar, the cooperation of the brand is rich, more product resources, can provide buyers with a more stable supply and reduce risks. 
At the same time, we provide Trade order assurance, through Alibaba, a world-renowned platform for the supervision of trading funds and services, to maximize the protection of the rights of buyers.
Advantage 04:
Perfect Foreign Trade Business Team
Moregosolar's foreign trade clerk has 10 years of experience and can provide friendly one-stop sourcing services for different buyers.
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