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Staubli MC4 and MC4-EVO2 Tool Case

About Tool Case

Staubli MC4 and MC4-EVO2 Tool Case Set
It can make every connection point of the power station safer!
The Stäubli MC4 and MC4 EVO2 PV Connector Tool Case is a comprehensive kit designed specifically for the installation and maintenance of MC4 and MC4 EVO2 solar connectors. Stäubli, a renowned manufacturer of electrical connectors, offers this tool case to provide convenience and efficiency for professionals working in the photovoltaic industry.
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MC4 & MC4-EVO2 Tool Case

Here are some key features and components of the Stäubli MC4 EVO2 PV Connector Tool Case:
Torque tool
Torque tool
Stripping pliers
Stripping pliers
Cable cutter
Cable cutter
MC4 and MC4-Evo 2 Crimping pliers
Crimping pliers
Test Plugs for MC4 and MC4-Evo 2
Test Plugs
Open-end spanner
Open-end spanner
Unlocking tool
Unlocking tool
Protective caps
Protective caps

Application of Tools

This video shows how to use these tools:
1. Connector Crimping Tool: The tool case includes a high-quality crimping tool specifically designed for MC4 EVO2 connectors. This tool ensures precise and secure crimping for reliable electrical connections.
2. Cable Stripping Tools: The kit includes cable stripping tools that help in removing the outer sheath and exposing the conductors of the solar cables, ensuring proper termination with the connectors.
3. Connector Unlocking Tool: A connector unlocking tool is provided to safely unlock and disconnect MC4 EVO2 connectors. This tool enables quick and easy maintenance or replacement of connectors when needed.
Stripping Pliers Introduce
Crimping Pliers Introduce


Staubli official authorized certificate
Official Authorized Certificate
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Staubli certificate
Complete Certificate
Product Qualification, TUV, CE, Pre-shipment Inspection Report
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