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About Staubli

Staubli MC4 and MC4-EVO2
Stäubli has been setting the industry standard since the introdcution of the original MC4 connector. Staubli MC4 application history 60 years.
Less loss more power generation.
Whether it is in Antarctica or desert, whether it is on the water or mountain, whether it is a commercial or residential roof. Ambient temperature range: -40°C~+85°C (TV / UL) Ammonia Resistant and Salt Spray Resistant.
Nanjing Moge New Energy Co., Ltd has obtained Stäubli Official distributor authorization. Moregosolar supply Original MC4 and MC4-EVO2.
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MC4-EVO2 & MC4

Application of MC4

MC4 & MC4-EVO2 Tools

Staubli tool case-Stripping Pliers
Staubli tool case-Crimping Pliers
Staubli tool case-Unlock Tool
Staubli tool case-Test Plug


Staubli official authorized certificate
Official Authorized Certificate
MOREGO is Staubli Solar's authorized distributor, We have cooperated for more than 7 years
Complete Certificate
Product Qualification, TUV, CE, Pre-shipment Inspection Report
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