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Lead-Acid Battery 100Ah 150Ah 200Ah 12V 24V 48V Gel Battery


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Battery Type: Lead-Acid
Model Number: 6-GFM-50/100/150/200/250
Brand Name: ALLGRAND
Grid connection: Off grid
Product name: Lead-Acid GEL battery
Capacity: 100Ah 200Ah 250Ah
Voltage: 12V~24V
Storage Temperature: -30° C~60° C
Price: $ 200 / Set
  • GEL battery

  • Allgrand



Ordinary lead-acid battery
Design life
8-12 years or so
3-5 years or so
-30° C~60° C
-30° C~60° C
No sour, no explosion
Sour phenomenon;There will be an explosion
Electrolyte Adsorption Technology
Colloid adsorption technology
Adsorption technology of glass cotton

Advantage 1
Extremely reliable and no "dry" phenomenon under high temperature operation or over-charging. The battery has wide temperature
range from low to high.
"Dry" phenomenon is happened if the battery has low reliability when operated under high temperature or being.

Advantage 2
50% of the original capacity will be maintained after two years of storage.
Store for 6 months or so must be updated. Extended storage time, the battery will face the possibility of damage.

Advantage 3
Deep discharge battery can still be connected to the load. Charging within four weeks does not impair the performance of the
battery. The nominal capacity of the battery will soon be restored after charging, it will not affect the battery life.
Once deep discharged, if the battery not being charged in a short period of time, the battery will immediately be scrapped. That
is, the full length charge of the battery will have partial capacity restored, the battery life and reliability will be greatly
Advantage 4
Low specific gravity of acid has relatively low corrosion of the plate itself.
High proportion of acid has relatively high the corrosion of the plate itself.

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