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100kw 120kw on grid solar system
100kw 120kw on grid solar system
100kw-120kw on grid solar system
The Advantages of Solar Energy System

Not only is it good for the environment, but it will save people money.
Solar panels on your home or business are great because they use the sun’s rays to produce energy instead of harmful and expensive fuels. It costs much less to run a solar panel than to run a traditional electric company.
And it’s easy to build your own solar system. It doesn’t take too long either. All you need is a few simple parts, a guide, and a place to store them.
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Accessories (PV Cable + PV Connector)
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It takes up about 20% market share in the entire PV cable industry
Staubli MC4, Products are certified by TUVULETC
We are authorized distributor of Staubli. We provide latest series of products
How does Solar Energy System work?
Step 1: Solar Panels covert sunlight to energy
Step 2: Solar Inverter converts from DC to AC electricity
Step 3: Distirbutor box routes solar energy to home appliances or grid
Step 4: Utility meter records
Step 5: Grid rules define system permissions
Solar Batteries (optional)
A solar battery in its simplest form is designed to store solar energy when there is surplus being created and to use (discharge) energy in the evening or at night when the solar panels are not generating power. To take into consideration if battery storage is worth it, then you need to consider the lost feed-in-tariff, the lifetime of the battery and the total cost to install a battery.
We recommended our Storage Energy System to you.
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