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Moregosolar Hybrid Solar Storage Energy Systems 3KW 5KW 6KW 7KW 8KW 10KW with Lithium Ion Battery

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Product Name: Storage Energy Solar System
Application: Home / Commercial, Industrial, etc.
Certificate: CE / TUV
Price: $ 6 / Watt
  • XT-CN 3-10KW
  • Moregosolar

Product Description


Configuration List of 10KW Storage Solar System
Product List Type Data Quantity
Solar Panel Mono 375W 1755*1038*35mm 30pcs
Mono 400W 1754*1096*35mm 30pcs
Mono 455W 2096*1038*35mm 26pcs
Inverter Storage Inverter Maximum input: 13000W Maximum
Output: 10000W
Starting voltage: 1000V
MPPT voltage: 160V-1000V/600V
Mounting System Ground / Roof Magnesium-aluminum-zinc 1set
Distributor Box 1. PV Module-inverter:  DC circuit breaker and lightning protection device
2. Battery-inverter: DC circuit breaker
3. Grid-inverter, AC circuit breaker and lightning protection device
Battery Lithium Battery ARK 10.2H Energy Capacity: 10.24KWH Usable Capacity: 9.21KWH Operating Voltage: Range: 1188.6~227.2V 1set
Cable Specialized for solar system 1set
Accessories Full set of professional system-specific accessories 1set
For more product details and configuration solutions,
Please Contact Us. Our professional photovoltaic system engineers will tailor it for you. 


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