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Strictly referring to the Materials of
First-class Brands and Provide Transparent BOM List
Full Automatic Assembly
Production Line and Strict Quality Control
Quality equals to  Q CELLS, JA Solar and Trina Solar
The price is 5% lower than that of brand PV modules
Bifacial  PERC Solar Panel Working Principle
Bifacial  PERC Solar Panel Working Principle

Higher Power

Frontage Pmpp 355w, efficiency 17%; backward Pmpp 270w, efficiency 12.9%.

Lower Electricity Cost

Charing one side, getting 2 sides power, saving expenditure cost.

Lower Attenuation

First year power attenuation less than 2%, average annual attenuation less than 0.45%, better than normal solar panel.

Lower Loss

Anti-deformation enhanced 60% than regular modules, much safer during production, delivery and installation.
355W Bifacial PERC Solar Module Real Shot
355W Bifacial PERC Solar Module Warranty
Return on Lnvestment (ROI) 
for Bifacial PERC Solar Panel in China
Bifacial PERC Solar Panel Installation Case
Support and Purchase
Learn more about the details and parameters of 
the Lvchensolar 355W Bifacial PERC Solar Module
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